Akin steadily balances sports and school


SAM NEGRON Contributing Writer

In a day and age where athletics are looked at as a top priority in student’s lives, there are still students that value education over all else.

In today’s world the term, student-athlete is being used interchangeably. Many students consider that athletics should take priority over studies and allow their grades to suffer and take the back seat.

However, senior biology major Marissa Akin and soccer player for the Lady Lions, thinks differently by beliving that academics should take priority over athletics.

“Always remember that your education is just as important as your college sport career. Never put your class work on the back burner to your sport,” said Akin.

All her life she has been groomed to be the ideal student-athlete. Soccer has been a major aspect of her life and she knew going into college she wanted to play soccer, but didn’t want to jeopardize her education.

“When choosing a college, soccer wasn’t something I was concerned with right away,” said Akin.

“I knew my education should come before soccer. Once I got an offer though, it became a priority in choosing a school that fit my needs.”

Piedmont ended up being the ideal choice for her to get the education she wanted, as well giving her the opportunity to play the sport she has always loved.

When she was asked why she chose Piedmont, Akins said,” It was close to home and I was offered a position on the soccer team. I liked how small the college was as well.”

During her lifetime of playing sports, being an athlete has molded her into the driven, motivated, leader that she has become and it shows with her desire to put academics before athletics.

“Sports have always been a main aspect in my life. I’ve played soccer since I could walk and ran cross country as well,” she said.

“Sports have molded me into who I am today. I have learned to be a leader and to depend on my teammates.”

All of Akin’s hard work and dedication in school and on the field will eventually pay off.

When asked about her future plans after college she said, “I plan on taking a gap year to work at Athens Orthopedic Center to gain experience and money, then I will be applying to a physician assistant school after that break.”