How making mental health videos changed my life


My life has not always been easy, especially since I have to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I remember getting diagnosed with OCD when I was 13-years-old. My OCD is not like the typical case. I am not worried about germs and I do not have intrusive thoughts. The main symptom of my OCD is that I obsess over whatever I am anxious about.

A few months ago I was obsessing about how my OCD was so different from all the other videos that I saw of other people talking about their OCD. This made me feel frustrated and alone. I kept wishing that mine was like everyone else’s so I wouldn’t feel so alone.

Then an idea hit me. I decided to make my own video about what OCD was like for me. I talked about how I implemented positive things to help me improve my mental health. I talked about how I put sticky notes on the fridge where I would write the accomplishments I made. This helped me cope with the fear I had of not being good enough.

I also talked about how my friends had helped me at college. I explained how people with OCD have low serotonin and that I was taking meds for my OCD. I also talked about how getting exercise helped me because it increases serotonin.

Then I posted the video on Facebook and to my surprise, I got a ton of support. I learned that it is important to talk about mental health and to embrace our differences. It is important to talk about it because mental health matters and people with mental illnesses never have to deal with it alone. I continue to make mental health videos and recently made a Facebook page called “Stay Strong Mentally” where I will soon post videos on. Making mental health videos boosts my confidence and I feel like I am helping others who may be struggling. I am proud to be a mental health advocate.