Tips from a German Tutor

JAN WESELOH Contributing Writer

Being new to Piedmont College brings a lot of new experiences and changes. One of the biggest adjustments is probably the daily schedule. Students must go to school, participate in after school activities, spend time with friends and family, have a social life, play sports and in addition they want us to get eight hours of sleep.

For those of you who learn another language on top of all of that, life can be frustrating sometimes. And if you struggle with a language that you are taking, German in particular, it is a good idea to get help from a tutor in the Learning Center.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a German native speaker. And I can relate to all your struggles you go through when you try to learn German.

But sometimes you do not only learn it for yourself, but because you are interested in the country or in the culture, right? If you still think, “No. I just want to pass the course!” – then you are still invited to come by the Learning Center, arrange an appointment and pass the course with a better grade. If you think, “I am interested in what Germany is like and what the best beer tastes like and maybe a better grade does not sound too bad” – then I encourage you to make an appointment as well and we can work on both your German and your knowledge about a country that has a lot to offer.

Why is German useful? I am pretty sure that when the time comes in your life where you are sitting in a Kneipe in Deutschland and you want to order some food and drinks, then you would like to know how to say: ,,Ich hätte gerne eine ordentliche Portion Grünkohl mit Kassler, Mettentchen, Kartoffeln und Senf. Und dazu bitte noch ein frisch gezapftes Pils!”