Staff Editorial: Watching the Golden Globes

ALENA HANSON Opinions & Features Editor

The Golden Globes was an award show that was low on my radar. However, I had seen it a few times, but I was not the biggest fan. My friend and resident Cassie Moss asked if she could come watch it in my room because “Beauty and the Beast” had a time slot to showcase the new trailer. Also, Moss is a huge celebrity guru, and I knew it was going to be a good time.

We both sat down in front of my flat screen and began to watch. The opening number was a hilarious parody of “La La Land” that had Justin Timberlake and the Golden Globes host Jimmy Fallon, replacing Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as love interests. Actors of all caliber were there at the gift covered tables. The ones I have not seen in years, including Sylvester Stylone, John Travolta, the two lead actors from “Overboard” and more.

There were stars that I see almost every day on Instagram and YouTube like Keith Urban, Lily Collins and so many more. Gowns of all colors and fabrics were represented on all the dolled up actresses. Suits and ties fit stunningly on the actors with some even wearing velvet. And that was just the beginning.

Winners for the best genre show, actor, actress and so many other categories were awarded and given time to give a speech. Of course, Ryan Gosling was there and received awards for his latest movie, “La La Land.” Jess from “Gilmore Girls,” Milo Ventimiglia presented an award. Tom Hiddleston accepted an award and caused controversy. Meryl Streep entranced the audience in the ballroom and the ones at home with her inspiring speech on how to move forward this year. There was a memorial video for Carrie Fisher and her mother, which had Cassie and I covered in goosebumps. Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed in the moment Reynolds lost to Gosling. Shows like “Atlanta,” “This Is Us,” “Outlander,” “Blackish,” and all the rest of the ones that stood out in 2016 were represented.

It was a time of remembering the good of 2016 and awarding those that were a light in all the tragedy. It was an awards show that I am so incredibly happy not to have missed, especially with the new trailer for “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Next year, I think I’ll watch again.