Top 6 Free Apps for Music Lovers


LAUREN BARTLETT Publication Chief & A&E Editor

SPOTIFY – This app allows access to almost every song on the planet. Except Taylor Swift of course. There are thousands of playlists to choose from as well. Not to mention, you can follow your friends and see what they’re listening too. Spotify also comes with a premium option where by paying a certain fee per month, commercials are gone and song choice is unlimited.

MUSI – This app is for all the YouTube junkies all there. This app will allow users to stream the audio portion of any song on YouTube that they want. Users can add music to their library and even make playlists.

SOUNDHOUND- This app is perfect for people who hear a song and immediately want to know what it is. In seconds, users can find out the name or artist of any song. There is also a new hands free feature to the app which makes finding music that much easier.

GUITAR TUNA- Whether you’re a guitar pro, or just learning to play, this app is perfect for guitar players. This app has features that help you learn to play guitar from the beginning or enhance already growing skills.

AMPME- This app is perfect for any party or gathering users may com across. This app lets users sync their songs together in order to amplify the sound of the music. This app can help replace the lack of a amp or even a bluetooth speaker.

SING! KARAOKE – This app is perfect for anyone who likes to sing the shower or jam out in the car. This app hosts karaoke versions of songs and allows users to use it at their discretion. Users can also record videos of the songs they sing. There is also an option to duet with popular stars with their songs.