Interviews with Piedmont Women’s Soccer Seniors

ALEX SMITH Staff Writer

Alex Smith: What is your best memory at Piedmont?

Haley Hall: We all went to this gymnastics thing for team bonding and we all had to go through a little obstacle course. It was a trampoline thing. Well, Petey, said Oh I can do it better than any of you guys. So he swung himself onto the trampoline and immediately fell and hit his head between the cracks. Everyone just died laughing.

Morgan Edelman: My favorite memory is winning conference championship three out of the four years that we were here.

AS: What are some funny things that happened on the bus or in the licker room? HH: Probably just the fact that before every game, our third senior Marissa Akin had a superstition that she had to flop into this little basket, but she would jump so high into this basket before every single game. We all cracked up before every game.

ME: One of the fun things that we always do on the bus if its a long trip is we would play trivia. Whoever wins gets a free desert. That was a good memory because it got very competitive and we all wanted the desert.

AS: What was the most meaningful thing for you on senior night?

ME: The most meaningful thing for me on senior night was getting to celebrate it with my two best friends because we were all seniors. Also, my whole family being there.

HH: The most meaningful thing would be my dog coming in his Lion costume and so when my family was there to walk me out on my last soccer game ever, my dog was right there with me looking like a lion.

AS: Who was your favorite rivalry and why?

HH: I would say that Maryville has always been our #1 rivalry, but this year I think it was definitely Salem. They were new to our conference. They were not good sports at all. One girl tried to come after Morgan during a game and our whole team almost got in a fight. Ever since that, its always been very competitive.

ME: I would definitely have to agree with Haley. It was always Maryville. Throughout the years it kinda switched, but Maryville was always a tough game for us. Then, at the end Salem was who we wanted to beat.

AS: What was the biggest lesson you learned through Piedmont athletics?

ME: I learned time management. I thought coming to a division three school we wouldn’t be doing that much. We had three a days at the beginning of the season, which those turned into two a days. Our coach was really strict about making sure your school work was done around soccer, so just time management.

HH: I would agree with Morgan. Also, for me patience. There’s about 30 girls on the team and four coaches, so you have to see where everyone is coming from. You’re not used to all those different perspectives. You need patience so you didn’t get upset about like constructive criticism. You just really needed to step back and just say, well they are trying to help me.

AS: What message do you leave for the underclassmen?

HH: The one thing that I would tell the freshman or the upcoming freshman would be just to enjoy it. It goes by so fast. Put in everything you have into it. You’ve been doing this your whole life. You might as well go out with a bang and do your last three or four years the best you can. You wont have any regrets if you do that.

ME: The biggest thing would be to have no regrets. In every game make sure you give it your all so you don’t have to look back and say well if I would have given more in that game, we may have won.

AS: What is your favorite part about Piedmont?

HH: From an academic standpoint, the small classes. Whether you like it or not your professors are going to call you out. Especially if you’re on a team. Your coach will meet with you and make you do study hall. They make sure that your academics come first. That’s what great about a D3 school. The coaches know that school comes first and you should know that school comes first.

ME: The selling point for me with Piedmont was that I could play soccer here, and I knew going into college that if you go to a university its hard to make friends. I knew coming to Piedmont to play soccer that I would automatically have a group of girls that would become my family.