Halloween On Campus In Review


In celebration to the highly anticipated holiday of Halloween, CAB, the Campus Activities Board hosted two differnt events on campus. The first event CAB hosted was a scary-oke event on Thursday, Oct. 27 that brought in a lot different students with great costume choices.

At scary-oke, there was a DJ and the students could sing any song they wanted. CAB also provided snakcs for the students who attended by having popcorn. Everyone that participated wore awesome costumes and took place in the costume contest. The top three costumes were awarded, and I came in second place for being a social media butterfly. Everyone that attended had an awesome time, especially when everyone was dancing.

The second Halloween event that was hosted on campus was Trunk or Treat, which was on Friday, Oct. 28. Trunk or Treat is an event that is hosted every year and it is open to the community. At this event, people get the optinon to decorate the back of their car ot truck and have candy avaible to hand out. There were so many awesome cars and people who participated. One car was garden themed while another was ninja turtle themed. There was even a car that was Disney themed. Both families from the community and Piedmont students attended this event. There were a lot of great costumes and lost of candy that was given out. The Getman Babcock residence hall council, including myself, had a farm themed truck and we all dressed in costumes that were related to a farm. Director of Residential Living Mark Jestel had his car Harry Potter related and gave out different colors of water.

Aside from the candy, there was a game set up for the kids called pumpkin bowling. The object of the game was for the kids to roll a plastic pumpkin and knock cans over. It seemes that all of the kids enjoyed the Trunk or Treat event, plus the easy acess to the candy helped a lot of parents keep a close eye on their kids. It was a great way to spend a Friday evening while earning a Compass point at the same time.