What the Future Holds


College is the time in one’s life when you start working towards your future. You choose one or two majors out of the list and then you’re off. You start taking all of these classes, decide what they want to do with you degree and begin to put the giant puzzle that is to be the rest of your life together.

Everything is supposed to fall into place. For some, this is entirely true. You know exactly what you are going to do with your future and full of assurance. However, many others don’t get to experience this.

Your future is always cloaked with a thick layer of impenetrable fog; with mystery. I know, because I am one of you. You go through college with the feeling of uncertainty clinging to your back and constantly breathing down your neck. You get nervous whenever someone asks what your major is because you know that the follow up question will undoubtedly be “What are going to do with that?”.

You can’t give a clear answer because you yourself don’t know what that answer is. You can give a list of things you could do, but not one things that you are going to do. The longer you are in college and the more you are questioned about your future, the more your uncertainty grows. You begin to question why you came to college and you begin to wonder.

Why go to college when you don’t know what to do with it afterwards? Will you be able to get a job after you graduate? Will you be able to support yourself or will you have to move back in with your parents? These questions plague you daily and when you look at those around you it always seems that you are the only person experiencing this. You feel alone in your fears and like no one will be able to understand them.

You aren’t alone though and there are those who understand perfectly what you are going through. I can guarantee you that there are so many others experiencing nearly the exact same thing that you are. There are people right there with you and to be honest, no one is 100 percent certain about what their future holds and if they are, they are most likely psychic. You may not know what to do right now, but it will happen for you eventually. The world has a strange way of making things all fall together, so just keep working hard and you will be fine. I promise.