What Piedmont Has to Offer

NICOLE THOMAS Contributing Writer

Although I am only a freshman, I have learned a lot about Piedmont and all that it has to offer in the short time that I’ve spent here. One of the things I’ve learned is how important it is for college students to manage their time. This means going to all of your classes so you are not playing catch up and to avoid missing important information. In my personal experience, I’ve found that it’s smart to get to class a little early so you have time to take a seat and get out your materials for class. It’s also important to complete all your homework and study for tests and quizzes so you can get excellent grades and maintain a good GPA.

The faculty at Piedmont really wants their students to achieve academic success. One of the ways they try to help students is by having the Student Success Center. Director of Academic Learning Services Gene Pease has an office that’s located there and if you have learning disabilities, talking to Pease to get accommodations can be very helpful. Some of the accommodations you may be able to get are extra time on tests, permission to record the lectures in class, getting audio for textbooks and more. Another great thing about the Student Success Center is that it offers tutoring. Students can schedule a tutoring session online on the PilgrimNet website. Some of the great things about getting help from a tutor is that he or she is very educated in the subject that they are tutoring and getting their help is free.

Another thing I’ve learned so far is that there are so many nice students here at Piedmont. I have become close friends with many other students on campus. There are many different events around campus where you can hang out with friends and have the opportunity to meet new people. For example, the RAs host different fun activities for students monthly. There are also sporting events like soccer games that students can attend for free. Piedmont also has a great theater program and they put on shows throughout the year that students can watch.

Another way to get involved around campus and meet new people is to join a club. I am a part of the Mass Media Club and the Public Speaking club. Students can benefit from the clubs at Piedmont, not only because they are fun to be a part of, but also because they allow students to get experience and gain new skills.

Another vital thing that I’ve realized is how important it is for students to get exercise. There are several different ways students can get exercise on campus. For example, there is the rock climbing wall which students can climb. Piedmont also provides workout equipment including stationary bikes and treadmills. An outside option is the volleyball court located across from the student commons. In addition, there are workout classes such as yoga, tabata, and strength and conditioning.

In conclusion, Piedmont has a lot to offer its students. It’s important for students to take advantage of all off these recourses so that they can do well academically and socially.