Top Movies of the Summer

KENYA CHANEY Contributing Writer

This past summer was full of great summer flicks. Movies such as, “Finding Dory,” “Suicide Squad,” and “War Dogs” were just a few of the highly awaited films that were released this past season.

“Finding Dory” was the most anticipated family film of summer 2016. The little blue tang fish captured the hearts of many with her forgetfulness and comedic relief to the predecessor, “Finding Nemo.” In “Finding Dory,” our forgetful friend is actually not so forgetful when a rush of nostalgia comes back to her. Bits and pieces of her past are fit together like a puzzle throughout the movie. Memories from her childhood to her parents and to how she became lost come flooding back. This film was definitely a great summer family flick. It’s rated G for general audiences.

“War Dogs” came out last week and is based off of a true story. The film stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. Efraim Diveroli, played by Jonah Hill, offers his childhood friend David Packouz, played by Miles Teller, the opportunity to become an arms dealer. Since there’s a war in Iraq, it’s a perfect opportunity to make some big money. The two come across a 300 million dollar deal leading them to some unwanted and difficult situations.

Director Woody Allen made a comeback this summer with his film, “Cafe Society.” The film stars familiar faces such as Kristen Stewart, known for her role in the “Twilight” franchise and Jesse Eisenberg known for his recent role in the Marvel film, “Batman vs. Supermen.” “Café Society” is set in 1930s Hollywood- the age of the flapper and rise of glamour in the American culture. Eisenberg plays Bobby Dorfman, a young and ambitious guy who aims to leave New York for bigger things in Hollywood. Along the way he meets Bonnie, played by Stewart, and falls in love with her. However, Bonnie just so happens to be the mistress of his employer. He returns to New York to fall in love with another woman, until Bonnie *is it bonnie or vonnie because she spelled it differently like three times* makes her way back into his life. He finds himself falling in love with her all over again.

One of the most nerve wrecking movies released this summer would have to be “Nerve.” This film was quite a return on the big screen for actress Emma Roberts. Roberts plays a high school senior named Vee Delmonico. Vee is tired from living an “unexciting” life, one lived by the sidelines. She learns about a game called Nerve. In the game there are watchers and players and the watchers give the players dares. It’s the players job to complete every dare and one dare leads to another more daring event. Things are all fun and games for Vee until she learns that her reality is in jeopardy.

Lastly, there’s DC’s “Suicide Squad.” This film was one of the most anticipated films of late summer. It has an all star cast featuring Viola Davis, Cara Delevigne, Scott Eastwood, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. In this anti-superhero film, the villains suddenly take on the role of being a hero. This movie might have been weak in terms of plot and organization, but the cast definitely helped to make it worthwhile.

While the rest of the summer is still here, make sure to check out some of these movies.