New Staff Members Begin at Piedmont


JOHN SASSANO Contributing Writer

The Demorest Piedmont campus welcomed three new staff members this semester. The new faces include Nursing Dean Dr. Julia Behr, Reverend Tim Leighton and Vice President of Administration and Finance Kenneth Jones.

Dr. Julia Behr is now acting as the dean of the Daniel School of Nursing. She has spent over 22 years teaching nursing at the Piedmont Athens campus. Behr graduated from the Medical College of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and a Master of Science and nursing. She later achieved a Doctorate of Nursing Practice at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Behr said she’s very eager to enjoy the more serene nature of the Demorest Campus.

“Piedmont college offers students a wonderful college experience in a picturesque setting,” she said. “The staff, faculty and students that I have encountered are committed and proud of their school. Coming from a large state university is quite a change and I am enjoying the more differences here at Piedmont College.”

Behr said that as a professional she focuses on always striving to do her best and holding others accountable, while enjoying her job. Dr. Behr expects her pupils to work hard and stay focused.

Another new faculty member is Reverend Tim Leighton. He received his undergraduate from Our Heidelberg Cousins in Tiffin, Ohio. He was ordained by the United Church of Christ and spent time serving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the Peace Corps.

Reverend Leighton received his master’s from Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, Massachusetts. From there, he ministered to local churches for 20 loyal years. He served in Florida, Colorado, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maryland. In 2014, Reverend Leighton moved to California.

There, he spent two years as a campus minister for the University of California, Davis. During his time there, he created and lead a multi-faith liberty program. This program spreads the eminent idea that all religions are equal. His other interests are known to be the anti-apartheid movement, affordable housing and healthcare, LGBTQ rights and immigration reform.

He hopes to get to know the students on a personal level, even going as far as having meals with them.

“One of the most important things from a spiritual perspective is to take time from your own spiritual journey; and no journey is unimportant,” said Leighton.

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