Get to Know New Freshmen Athletes

MARK TATUM Sports Editor

Luke Martin (Men’s Soccer)
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Undecided

Food: Macaroni & Cheese
Music: Country
Movie: The Godfather
Athlete: Lionel Messi

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, watching soccer

Did you know? Luke took a ballet class in high school.

Anslyn Stamps (Women’s Soccer)
Hometown: Madison, GA
Major: Health and Wellness


Food: Mexican; pasta

Music: Country, Rap

Movie: White Chicks
Athlete: Alex Morgan

Hobbies: Shopping, getting nails done

Did you know? Anslyn recently visited the Dominican Republic.

Johnathon Quinn (Men’s Cross Country)
Hometown: Winfield, Iowa
Major: Athletic TrainingJohnathon


Food: Chicken Alfredo
Music: Anything
Movies: Action or Sci-Fi
Athlete: Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs)

Hobbies: Swimming, relaxing, Netflix marathons

Did you know? Johnathon grew up in the state of Iowa surrounded by cornfields.

Analee Bradach (Women’s Cross Country)

Hometown: Auburn, GA
Major: Exercise Science


Food: Pizza
Music: Everything
Movies: Comedy
Athlete: Lolo Jones

Hobbies: Outdoors, hiking, exploring

Did you know? Analee celebrated her 18th birthday at Piedmont’s Cross Country camp.

Olivia Przybysz (Volleyball)

Hometown: Jefferson, GA

Double major: Nursing and Art

Food: Chinese
Music: Rock
Movies: None
Athletes: None specifically

Hobbies: Drawing, being with friends

Did you know? Olivia lived in Wisconsin for 2 years.