An Open Letter to My Little Brothers

Opinions and Features Editor

Dear Lee and Hunter,

You both are so handsome. I cannot believe how much you both have grown over the years. I’ve been an older sister for a year and 2 months, and it has been a wild ride.

Lee, we are fourteen months apart and could not be more different. I admire your skill and hardworking nature.

I will never be able to do what you do with tools or have the common sense you do. You are an angel and a snake put together, but it only makes me love you more. I think our bond grows stronger each year, even if we rarely see you anymore. You are a man now, working and earing money. I’m working hard in college.

It’s easy not to notice how much I miss you that way. We have shared a lot of memories together and apart, but you are still a constant in my life. I know I could pick up the phone, and you would be there for me in a heartbeat. I am thankful to have a brother like you. We may fight and have different views, but you will always be my brother.

Hunter, you are the best. Seriously, I cannot believe all you have accomplished in just two years of high school.

I am happy to come cheer for you in whatever sport the season calls for. I am even more thrilled that we can talk about your schoolwork and friends. It’s amazing just how blessed you are in life. I know you are going to go places way beyond anyone’s imagination.

Plus, you are the funniest person on this Earth. I will never forget all the funny times we spent together or the off-the-wall stuff you have said to me. It has been a joy to see you go from a scrawny little thing to a real-life football player.

Sometimes, it hits me how old you have gotten, and I have to take a minute to stop from tearing up. I hope you know you can come to me for whatever reason—serious, hilarious, or otherwise. You will always be my baby brother, even if you are a mile taller than me. Do not get to upset, when I say how adorable and loveable you are. You know you are.

I am so happy to be called your big sister. I am more proud of each of you the older you two get. You just surprise me with how talented you both are. Even with your differing personalities, I cannot help, but see how similar we all are.

It is truly a pleasure to have brothers like you two in my life. I have never wished I were an only child, even when we have fight over the last bit of cookies. You both are a blessing that I treasure every day.

I miss you both so much, since I have come to college. However, I know you two will always be rooting me on from the sidelines. Thanks for being born. I love you!