More than just a compass point

Savannah Medina
Contributing Writer

The Compass Program is a unique program that gives students the opportunity to aid their communities.

The Compass Program has provided me with a way to accomplish projects that I’ve always wanted to do in a more organized fashion and gave me the ability to do such things.

Unfortunately, a lot of places make it difficult for you to work with them without some form of official organization behind you.

Thankfully, the Compass Program can give you that backing.

This program is a way for students to be able to help their communities in a way that they may have never been able to do before.

The endeavor I am currently working on is a project I created called “Yellow Letters.”

“Yellow Letters” is an original play I wrote about the families of the men and women who are sent overseas into war.

A lot of films, documentaries, novels and plays dealing with the concept of war seem to focus on the soldiers themselves.

It seems that hardly anyone asks the question, “What about their families?”

This play follows the lives of four women and one man as they receive the news that their loved ones, who have been sent into war, are not coming home.

In addition to the performance of this play, before the show, there will be a raffle for attendees to be able to win various military-themed items.

These items include a hand-made American flag afghan and matching hat; hand-made bears representing the Army, Navy, Marines and Airforce; and various other art projects that have been generously donated by students at Piedmont College.

All money raised by this project will be donated to Operation Home-front in honor of both active and veteran soldiers, enlisted recruits and their families who all wait for them to return home safely.