Editorial: What’s no longer acceptable after college

Staff Writer

After coming to college, most students get the idea that “adult-ing” is hard. But, growing up is inevitable, so there is no way around it. Becoming an adult comes with many changes and responsibilities.

While college gives students a taste of what the real world is like, there is still some comfort in knowing that if one needs a personal day just to binge watch Netflix and stay in pajamas all day, that’s still acceptable as a student.

At what point is it necessary to truly grow up and leave college habits behind? For example, many students binge watch their favorite episodes of Netflix late into the night and just nap it off the next day. That is something life–after-college will not allow, because, as a hard working adult, it isn’t easy to stay up late and watch even one episode on Netflix or Hulu, much less entire seasons. One thing that college students have a hard time grasping is how hard it’s going to be working eight plus hours a day and 40 plus hours a week. There will be no time for napping throughout the day.

Other perks of college life such as skipping class every now and then or blowing off schoolwork for social time are things that working adults don’t have time to do. In a career, one can’t simply call out of work because they want to go have a drink with friends or just don’t feel like going.

Another thing that’s unacceptable after college is to drive to Taco Bell in the middle of the night.  Even worse than that, it’s not responsible to eat as much fast food because, let’s face it, college students won’t keep up their young figures forever. To make things even worse, those days of messy hair and sweat pants are over after graduation. In the adult world, there is no more waking up ten minutes before class and showing up late in the same clothes that one slept in the night before.

Chemistry professor Elaine Bailey was asked what the one thing that she missed most from college, and she said, “I miss hanging out at local coffee shops (at all hours of the day) discussing research, life and whatever with other students just like myself.  Now everyone’s schedules never coincide, and most of my good friends have moved to other states.  Since I have a job and a family, I can’t just chill at a coffee shop until 2:00 am.”

Many things will change after college. Though students get in the habit of staying up late, binge eating junk food, partying and sleeping a lot, those habits will have to die hard once college is over.