A Compass Point of View

Contributing Writer

Compass Program endeavors offer a broad spectrum of learning opportunities to engage people in the community and gain personal experience.

Being interested the nursing field and hosting the Spring Health Fair on the Athens campus, I was able to gain medical knowledge that essentially aided my acceptance into the nursing program and enhanced my communication skills.

Compass endeavors are much more than required projects; they are opportunities to further qualities that you already have or reveal new qualities.

By participating in various endeavors, students are able to make new friends, explore new places, help further their education pathway and advance toward graduation.

Maybe your major is what you want to do ultimately, but the specific field is only covered in a tiny portion of the semester. Compass is your opportunity to jump in and find ways to further your education in that particular subject through hands on opportunities.

While an undergrad, I participated in heading up the Spring Health Fair. Planning the Health Fair was a group effort between another nursing major and me.

We contacted different vendors around the community, set up booths for them, made flyers for the school and community and let the vendors broadcast health related information to the public.

In sum, we raised awareness about different parts of the healthcare field for Piedmont students, staff, professors and the community.

Being involved gave me the chance to meet and speak with many different hospitals, doctors’ offices and local health promotion organizations around the community; thereby, broadening my interest and knowledge in the healthcare field and making my name known for future opportunities.

This experience not only enhanced my personal potential to be accepted into the nursing program as well as the Athens Regional Medical Centers Externship program; it also provided a great deal of knowledge and helpful resources for additional experiences through the friendships made.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking what may be classified as “requirements” and making them fit your own personal interest can make them become hobbies, job opportunities or education enhancement tools.

Being open to new ways of learning can theoretically be the most rewarding experiences available. By using intriguing interests as project opportunities, you will be able to take what is learned and use it in future exertions in life.