Review on Leah Mooney’s Senior Recital

Contributing Writer

On Tuesday, March 15, the Piedmont College Chapel was filled with family, friends, professors and classmates of Leah Mooney, all excited to hear her senior recital. They were not disappointed. Mooney did a fantastic job singing, and everyone who attended went home that night very impressed.

Mooney said that she thinks it turned out well and is rather happy with the performance she gave. Mooney, a senior music major, performed songs by composers including Christoph Gluck, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Frideric Handel, Hector Berlioz, Hugo Wolf and Jake Heggie in languages such as Italian, French, German and English.

She performed all of the pieces from memory, and it was so amazing to hear her sing each song so passionately in its written language.  She provided the audience with the English translation of each piece, so that everyone was able to follow along with her emotionally-moving pieces.

She said that although she was quite nervous at the beginning, she felt pretty energized throughout the whole performance.

After the recital, Mooney said, “It was such a relief that it was done, but I enjoyed performing what I’d been working on for so long.”

Mooney held a reception downstairs in Brook’s Hall following the recital, where her audience got to congratulate and celebrate with her.

She said, “When it was all over, it was crazy how fast it felt.” Mooney’s outstanding performance was accompanied by the wonderful Kay Harris on the piano. Mooney said that, “There are so many people who helped me through the whole process, and I can’t thank them enough.”