Spring Fashion: Get Out Those Oversized T-Shirts, Leggings and Mom Jeans

Staff Writer

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here: Spring time. Trying to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring, while also juggling the stresses that come along later on in the semester, can be difficult.

So, I have a list of essential basic pieces that will help Piedmont look chic and put together.

Beside my bed, there is nothing more comfortable than an oversized t-shirt. To save your time and energy shimmying into those skinny jeans, one can just skip them and rock his or her favorite oversized t-shirt as a t-shirt dress.

To avoid looking like you stepped out of the house in your dad’s hand-me-downs, make sure you accessories are on point. Wear a cute beret or a fedora. If you are going out for the night: pair it with booties or strappy heels.

When I tried on my first pair of leggings, I wondered why I had ever worn real pants and received it as a personal blessing from God.

Yes, everyone can wear them as pants, anyone else who says otherwise is either old-fashioned or does not know how to style them.

Find a few pairs of simple black leggings to wear throughout the season. The great thing is about leggings is that you can wear with them with just about anything. There are no rules.

As the hotter months roll around, there can be a lot of pressure to diet and get in shape in hopes of achieving the perfect “bikini body.” Well, I say forget the diets, and stock up on some mom jeans and/or shorts. Mom jeans keep everything neatly tucked in and accentuate natural waists and curves. So, now you can chow down through the entire spring and still sport those crop tops.