Misner steps down

Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

After four years of serving in a dual position as the Dean of the Walker School of Business and as the Executive Vice President for Institutional Resources, John Misner will focus solely on the Dean of the Walker School of Business role.

“Dr. Misner agreed to wear two hats,” said President James Mellichamp. “And, it’s just gotten to the point where we realized that the institution needs to separate that big responsibility for one person into a position for two people.”

Misner was not only in charge of all the responsibilities as a dean but also overseeing administrative services and the finances of the college. Also, when the Athens campus administration was restructured, he received added responsibilities.

The change was announced to faculty on Jan. 25 through an email from Mellichamp.

“Because teaching is his first love, [Misner] will resume his role as Dean full time where he will continue developing the Walker School of Business and working with the campus as a resource for the local community,” wrote Mellichamp in this email.

Currently, the college has begun a national search for someone to fill the new role. Mellichamp said that the college is hoping for someone with about five years of experience in college administration with a doctorate or master’s degree paired with experience as a certified public accountant, or CPA.

“My goal is to have all this wrapped up by the end of the semester,” said Mellichamp.

The new employee of the college would begin starting July 1.

“People come and people go,” said Mellichamp. “All of these personnel changes should be smooth and seamless.”

Misner did not respond for comment by the Roar’s deadline for this story.