Kesha Fights Battle Against Sexual Abuse

Avery Musembwa
Staff Writer

Pop star “Ke$ha” is currently in a turbulent legal battle with her former song- writer and producer Lukasz Gottwald. The case has started a media movement “We Stand with Kesha.” The controversial case has brought up the topics of women’s rights and sexual abuse.

Kesha has accused Gottwald of drugging and sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions throughout her career. Gottwald has denied all the allegations, and he claims this all an elaborate scheme created so that Kesha could get out of her contract with Sony-owned Kemosabe Records.

Kesha is currently stuck in a legally-binding contract, which only allows her to record music with Gottwald. Kesha has yet to release music since her 2012 smash hit “Warrior” and is eager to release music soon for fear of becoming culturally irrelevant.

The two appeared in court in New York City on Friday in front of Judge Shirley Kornreich. Kornreich ruled in the favor of Gottwald, despite the allegations of sexual abuse due to Gottwald’s investment of millions of dollars into Kesha’s music career. There was no physical evidence of the alleged assaults.

The judge did not give a motion to dismiss, which will give Kesha a chance to revise he claims for another chance at receiving an injunction.