Students win at literary festival

Staff Writer

Recently, senior English majors Sar- ah Gesualdo and Arielle Parker-Trout won awards for their original literary works in the 2016 Southern Literary Festival Competition.

“Winning first place has been so exciting,” said Gesualdo.

Gesualdo won first place for her essay “The Shed” in the creative non-fiction category, and Parker-Trout came in third for her essay “Truth.” Their essays will be published in the festival’s anthology book. They both have received the honor of being invited to read their essays at this year’s festival. The festival will be held at Middle Tennessee State University.

“There aren’t many opportunities for writers to showcase their work, not only on campus but in the academic world. To have my story recognized has been eye opening—realizing that my degree and my passion isn’t for nothing,” said Gesualdo.

The Southern Literary Festival Competition has been held annually every year since 1927 at colleges across the Southeast, about 28 colleges and universities visit every year.

“Honestly, this is the best way imaginable to end my senior year at Piedmont,” Gesualdo said.