Deadpool breaks superhero movie mold

Deadpool breaks superhero movie mold

Staff Writer

l7SgDN9-Fans of Deadpool have been waiting years for a proper film version of the foul-mouthed mercenary. With his first on-screen appearance ending with the merc’s mouth literally being sewn shut, it was almost like the Pool would not heal from that wound. Well, it is safe to say that “Deadpool” heals these old wounds and delivers an entertaining and brash origin story that finally showcases the potential of everyone’s favorite anti-hero.

The reason that the movie works so well is its leading man, Ryan Reynolds. He tackles the character of Deadpool with great charisma and energy. Reynolds is larger than life, which isn’t easy to pull off since he is either in a full body suit or under heavy prosthetics for most of the film. He also talks throughout the whole movie. From the first scene, you are barraged by one-liners, insults and asides. This is all part of the Deadpool character, and Reynolds nails every nuance.

There is no shortage of crass humor in the film, but some of my favorite moments are when Deadpool does non-superhero things. Seeing Deadpool take a cab, sit at a laundromat and simply chilling on the couch are all things I have not seen in other superhero films. It gives the movie different kinds of comedy rather than simply throwing in another dirty joke.

Plot-wise, “Deadpool” plays it safe and conventional. It’s is a relatively straight forward origin story that evolves into a standard revenge tale. This is not entirely negative, as it is pretty refreshing to see a superhero film scale down a bit and focus on a personal story as opposed to saving the world from destruction. Also, the idea of revenge also lends itself well in showing how Deadpool differs from other superheroes. Instead of helping people with his newfound powers, Deadpool straight up murders people that are in his way.

The other area that “Deadpool” exceeds at is its action. From the opening highway scene down to the one-on-one fights, the action is relentless, well-crafted, and awesomely gory. These sequences are full of creative violence as well as humor.

Wade Wilson has been successfully brought back from the brink of death in a film that’s full of great jokes, stylish action and provides tons of fan service. Despite some weak villains, Deadpool delivers a large dose of not-family-friendly fun.