Truth or Tale

Truth or Tale


Ryan Franklin- Assistant Professor of History

Tale: My wife, Peri, and I love to go horse-backing riding together regularly

Truth: I have played golf with Calvin Johnson, aka: Megatron.

Truth: My wife and I have two chi-weenies whose names are Spunkerz and Tulip.



Emily-PettitEmily Pettit – Dean of Student Engagement and Director of Career & Counseling Services

Truth: I have won poker tournaments

Tale: I have six toes on one foot

Truth: I was fired from my first job




Craig Amason – College Archivist & Director of Lillian E. Smith Center

Truth: I actually touched the real Rosetta Stone, inscribed in Egypt in 196 BC.

Truth: I am related to the guy who wrote the music to the song “Mary Did You Know.”

Tale: I have shaken hands with three American Presidents