SGA elects freshman representatives

Staff Writer

Recently, the Piedmont College Student Government Association, or SGA, held elections for freshman and senior representatives, and two new freshman members of SGA were added, nursing major Lizabeth Aguilar and mechanical engineering major Andrea Guillen.

SGA is intended to be the voice of the students to the administration. According to Vice President of SGA Pearl Oppenheimer, SGA “makes improvements to the school and gives funding to clubs around campus.”

Each class level has “senators,” and they are the voices of their peers. They attend meetings, vote on funding and contribute proposals. According to the election packet given to candidates, their campaign for office requires reaching out to the students and getting them to vote for the candidate, much like a large-scale election is done.

Last semester, two senior and two frehmen representative positions had to be filled.

“Only two freshmen signed up in the race and were chosen by default,” said Oppenheimer. “The senior positions were not filled last spring, so they were reopened with no interest within the senior class. “

Later on this semester, there will be another SGA election for all of the executive and senator positions within the club.

“SGA gives students the opportunity to be the voice of the student body,” said Guillen. “I chose to run for Freshman Senator so that I can be the liaison between the student body and faculty.”

Both new members of SGA are excited to take on new roles in their school and get involved.

“Some students will find it better to get adjusted to college life and then get involved,” said Aguilar. “In my case, I thought that I would get an early start because I tend to be shy. I wanted to get involved early so I could learn more about college life.”

For more information about SGA or to learn how to become a member of SGA, contact Oppenheimer at [email protected].