ResLife recieves new staff members

Features Editor

There are many aspects of what makes Piedmont College run. Administrators, professors, janitorial staff and campus police are just a few examples of teams that work together to make sure that Piedmont is a safe, clean and well maintained place to earn a higher-level education. The members of Residential Life on campus are no exception.

Residential Life is a group of people who are hand picked to help maintain the residential buildings on the Demorest campus. Residential Life includes residential assistants and residential directors. Residential assistants are typically in charge of one residential hall, while residential directors are in charge of one building or more.

At the start of the spring semester, new members of Residential Life were added to the team. Many residential assistants and residential directors graduated in December of 2015 and they needed to be replaced.

Tedarrius Teasley, or as most people call him, TD is the new Residential Director of Ipswitch, Plymouth and New Bedford. Teasley graduated with his undergraduate degree in Human Services and Criminal Justice from University of the Cumberland’s in Williamsburg, Ky. He is now working on obtaining his Master’s in Business Administration here at Pied- mont.

Teasley said he chose to become a RD at Piedmont because it is a place that could help him transition into the “real world.”

“It is providing me a great education and a great opportunity to network and to gain other tools that will be needed in my future career,” said Teasley.

When Teasley is not checking in on the building he is over, he is found playing basketball, going to church and working out.

Mayflower Hall has also been given a new RA. Natalie Freel is a new RA of Mayflower Hall. Freel is an English and history double major with a minor in art. Freel was drawn to becoming an RA when she first noticed how other RA’s were so welcoming a friendly. She found their door decorations and student involvement very interesting.

“So far I am thoroughly enjoying the position. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s great meeting new people,” said Freel.

Freel is a Hiawassee, Ga. native who likes to read, hike and have fun.

Madison Moore is the newest RA of the Village and Mayflower Hall. She is in charge of one part of each building. Moore is a Biology major with chemistry and business minors. Her plan after graduation is to go to medical school and become a Pediatric Oncologist.

Moore chose to be an RA to move onto campus, become more involved and get to know people.

“I transferred into Piedmont College last spring from the University of Georgia, and I take pride in my decision. Piedmont is a great fit for me because of its intimate and personal education system. I love my job and the other RAs and RDs,” said Moore.

Moore isn’t the only new RA of the village. Katie Mercardante is also a recent addition to the village as an RA. Mercardante thinks residential life is a good way to get involved at Piedmont and a good way to make friends.

“It’s been a really fun and never boring job so far. There is always something going on. I’m hopeful and excited to see ResLife bring many opportunities for students to connect and get involved with things going on around campus,” said Mercardante.

When Mercardante isn’t planning events for her residents she loves to talk, play soccer and watch Friends and Grey’s Anatomy.

Yemeni Almazo, or better known at Yesi, is the new RA of Swanson Hall. She is currently working on her Bachelors in Fine Arts. Almazo became a RA so she could meet and make new friends.

“I am usually shy and I hope through Res Life I can become more social and so far Res Life is treating me well. I enjoy what I do,” said Almazo.

Outside of work and class, Almazo can be found doing anything artistic, speaking with her bilingual knowledge or watching Netflix.

Residential Life members work day and night to make sure that students are safe and that their issues are handled.

For more information about becoming a part of the Residence Life staff, contact Director of Residential Living Mark Jestel at [email protected].