Why is Spring break in February?

Contributing Writer

Spring break is around the corner. It’s finally time to rest and get away from classes. Wait, isn’t it in February? What in the world can we do in February for spring break? Why is our break in February?

During this season, it is still quite cold outside, and there isn’t much to do when it’s chilly out. In my opinion, our break should be when it is warmer, so we can be outside.

Still, we need to make the most of this unfortunate situation. Despite it still being at lower temperatures, there are things we can do indoors with family and friends.

One, which may not be a student’s favorite, is cleaning. This small break might be ideal for a cleaning spree. It is not exactly spring cleaning, but it still needs to be done for a lot of students.

Since it will begin to get toastier soon, it will be good to clean away dust, throw out old food, organize your closet, prepare to go shopping and possibly give away things you no longer need.

By doing this during the break, you will not have to worry about it later. During the warmer months, you could go hang out and have fun without having to worry about extensive cleaning.

Second up, pack your bags, a map (or your cellphone), a few friends and get in the car. A road trip could be awesome during this month.

Go to warmer areas, like shores. Spend time with friends and just get away from anything educational. Who knows what adventure you might encounter with friends in a car. Enjoy yourself on the road.

Beach anyone? The waterfront is the third best way to beat this cool weather.

By going to the oceanfront, you can have a beach get away and a road trip. This would be perfect to go have fun in the water along with friends and family.

Get away from the cold Georgia air and head on to warmer shores.

Now, if those do not suit you, Piedmont College has an alternate spring break coming up.

It is a way to not only visit a new place or an old vacation spot, but it also provides you the opportunity to be able to help others. It is a package deal that will give you fun and a sense of community.

This year, students will be going to Memphis, Tenn. If you want to go, contact Kim Crawford, Director of Student Life, for more information.

What could be the bad about an early break? One big thing is that it can still be cold.

So is it really a bad idea to have an early break? No. Even if its late February, it can still be fun.