Staff Editorial: Support Your Peers

Editor-In-Chief, News Editor

When you put a lot of time an effort into something, you must care about it, right? It is something you are proud of, and, typically, you want to share accom- plishments you are proud of with those around you. So, why, at Piedmont, do we have issues with people attending events?

A large portion of Piedmont’s student body is composed of athletes, so why is our student section so small and uninvolved at games? And, even for events that don’t involve sports, student attendance is usually low. Our theatre and music departments are filled with fantastic, talented people, yet it feels like the student body provides no sup- port to its peers.

According to, peer support increases levels of self-esteem, confidence and overall positive feelings. even reported that there is some evidence that it can lead to an overall decrease in hospital visits for everyone involved.

Supporting your fellow students will make you and the friends you are supporting feel good.

Piedmont is a small community, and it is likely that you know someone participating in the event or putting the event together.

So, why not show them that you notice and care about the effort that he or she has put into it?

When I worked as a resident assistant, I put a lot of time into the programs I planned, and I cannot tell you how disappointing it is when residents did not show up. Typically, a few of my friends attended, and we had a great time. However, I wished that more people attended and made new friends.

I mean, why else are we at school? Yes, we are here to get an education, but what about the life experience you receive outside of the classroom?

Many people look back on their time in college and reminisce on the many memo- ries they made. Do you think those memories were made sitting alone in a dorm room watching Netflix? No, they were made in situations like going to see a friend perform their senior recital.

So, I challenge you to go to a basketball game, a choir concert or the next play and support your peers. You never know what memories you might make.