Comedian Collin Moulton prepares to make Piedmont laugh

Contributing Writer

The office of Student Life and the Campus Activities Board, or CAB, are coming together to host a comedy show on Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. on the second floor of the Student Commons. Comedian Collin Moulton, an accomplished comedian of 15 years, is making his way to Piedmont.

“I’ve looked him up on YouTube, and I really like his material. I think he’s a really good comedian,” said CAB Secretary Krista Albritton.

Moulton, according to his website, has had his own half-hour special on Showtime and was featured on Nickelodeon as well as Last Call with Carson Daly. Also, the comedian has found himself on the stage with a number of well-known actors and comedians, including Robin Williams and Dave Chappell. He’s had the opportunity to perform in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and hosts his own podcast.

This is not the first time CAB has brought comedians to Piedmont, such as Cristela Alonzo. CAB said the members have high expectations when it comes to events like these, and they are positive Moulton will meet these expectations, according to Albritton. While previous comedy shows have had great attendance, it hopes this show will be the one that gets the most.

“It’s always such a cool experience to see these people that could one day be really famous,” said Albritton.

For more information about Moulton or to watch some of his stand-up, visit his website at www.collinmoulton. com.