Obama takes action to combat gun violence

Contributing Writer

On Tues., Jan. 4, President Barack Obama held a town-hall meeting broadcasted on CNN to address the current state of gun violence in the United States of America. Obama proposed that stricter gun policies be enforced in order to decrease the fre- quent acts of gun violence that occur in America. The bill that the President is proposing would specifically target small firearm retailers, who, up until now, have been able to sell firearms without providing official sales records to the government. This allows citizens to obtain guns without the typical background and licensing procedures that gun retailers usually must perform. This has been nicknamed the “gun show loophole” by those who oppose such loose gun control regulations.

Students at Piedmont College hold differing opinions on the state of gun control in the United States. Some believe that all law-abiding citizens have the right to bear arms due to the rights afforded by the Second Amendment, and stricter gun regulations will make it more difficult for citizens who use guns for good reasons to obtain them. However, other students believe that stricter gun control regulations would help combat the current gun violence issues that the United States is currently dealing with.

“We all have the right to carry a gun, everything with the media publicizing these college shootings is a bad idea and is making gun power look scary. When, in reality, if you take away guns from good people, bad people are still going to get guns,” said business graduate student Carly Haraka.

Also, in April 2014, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill to allow guns to be carried almost anywhere, including bars, night clubs and school classrooms, with proper licensing. This bill took effect in July.

When asked about Piedmont’s gun policies, campus police declined to comment. However, according to the Student Handbook, weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on campus.

Opposition from Congress and right-wing lobbyists have prevented Obama’s past efforts to pass tougher gun policies that would call for more thorough background checks be required for civilians to purchase firearms. President Obama stated at the town-hall meeting that he believes many of the changes in gun control can only be possible through legislative action.

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