Four New Year’s resolutions that are worth keeping


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“New year, new goals” is a common phrase used in the month of January. With a fresh start, people begin setting resolutions that they plan to keep throughout the new year in order to better their lives. However, as soon as those goals are made, it seems as though there is a tendency for people to become uninspired, leaving those goals to fall to the wayside.

According to, some common reasons that people don’t stick to their resolutions are that they have set unrealistic goals, they didn’t make a plan on how to execute said goals or they have become discouraged and stop believing in themselves. These reasons can cause people to set aside their new ambitions and resort to the traditional routine.

Despite the fact that goals for a new year have a tendency to falter, there are some resolutions that are worth the effort and time. According to, some of the top ten New Year’s resolutions include improving one’s fitness and diet, getting organized, quitting a bad habit and saving more money. These four goals are all very noble, and if one wants to set new resolutions, these are ones that could lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

1. Get healthier: It may seem cliché for one to want to eat healthier and exercise more for a new year, but this is a goal that many Americans should consider and try to stick to. According to, “American’s eat 31 percent more packaged food than fresh food.”

This proves that more Americans should be eating better and exercising more, which is exactly why these goals are great for a fresh start when it comes to one’s health. In order to stick to this goal, it’s a good idea to plan when one is going to exercise around other commitments or responsibilities. That way there is no excuse to skip a workout.

Another tactic for sticking to a healthier lifestyle is to choose water over soft drinks and fruits and veggies over chips or ice cream. What one should not do when it comes to this resolution is attempt to change his or her lifestyle dramatically and overnight because unrealistic plans is what will lead one to no longer fulfilling their goals.

2. Become organized: Another resolution that is definitely worth one’s time and effort is to become more organized. According to, being organized is beneficial because it can result in less stress and better productivity.

Some ways to help oneself become organized are to purchase a planner to keep one’s schedule under control, to de-clutter working spaces such as a desk or even a comput- er’s desktop, throw away unnecessary items and delegate one’s responsibilities. These tips aren’t overly ambitious, but they will improve one’s organization, which will lead to less anxiety when it comes to everyday tasks.

3. Quit bad habits: Smoking, drinking and biting one’s nails are some common resolutions for the new year. For some, this is one of the most difficult resolutions to keep depending on what habit one is trying to break.

For someone attempting to quit an addiction, it’s not as easy as making a list or a plan on how he or she will stop. Smokers should consider nicotine patches or gum that can help them kick the nasty habit that, according to, kills 480,000 U.S. citizens per year.

Another bad habit that is worth quitting is biting one’s nails. Nail biting is usually related to stress or anxiety, according to, and can lead to bacterial infections due to all of the germs that are under fingernails. For those who wish to kick this habit, there is a nail polish that helps. There are plenty of other habits that people set out to get rid of, but the best way to stop a bad habit is to stay motivated to do so.

4. Save money: As college students, it can seem as though spending money is non-existent. With tuition and not having the ability to have a high paying job due to classes, it’s tough to find extra money. However, saving is a way to acquire a higher number in one’s bank account.

On, there are suggestions as to how to better save one’s money. Some tips include: don’t buy anything without shopping around for the best price, don’t buy things that aren’t necessities, save extra change and continuously cash it in and set a budget. More savings means more money, which results in lower stress levels, according to

Despite New Year’s resolutions being difficult to uphold, these are four worthy goals to set and keep. They will all lead to a healthier and less stressful lifestyle, which college students need. If these aren’t appealing, choose other ones that are.

Either way, in the words of T.S. Eliot, “For last year’s words belongs to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.” Make 2016 a year that is better and different than 2015 was.


Junior health administration major Gilbert Ibarra begins 2016 with a healthy lifestyle by Planners are always a great way to keep up with class work, as well as test dates, meeting times and working out daily.


Planners are always a great way to keep up with class work, as well as test dates, meeting times and work schedules. Planners or agendas can be found at Walmart.