Staff Editorial

Living/Athens Editor

As 2016 began, Pied- mont wasted
no time getting students back on campus and into the classroom. Classes began on Jan. 4, just three short days after the world celebrated the ringing in of a new year. Because of the relaxed mood that everyone gets from the food and sleep they acquired over holiday break, it’s difficult to say cheers to the New Year one night, wake up the next day and prepare to move back into a dorm room. But, regardless of if we were ready, it was time to return to our campus routines.

Other colleges and universities didn’t start classes until a week or more after Piedmont, so students that attend other institutions got more time for sleeping and watching Netflix. It’s pretty unfortunate that this of us sitting in class had to see friends’ Snap-Chats and tweets about being in bed, while we were sitting in class. Unfortunately, the difference in scheduling sometimes means that certain schools are in session while others aren’t.

Though it’s easy to complain about the abrupt return to campus after the holidays, try not to get into a negative attitude so early in the semester. Use that New Year’s motivation that most of us have to put your resolutions to good use. Make the decision to try harder in some classes, make some new friends around campus, join a club or try a new restaurant around town. We may have moved back into our dorm rooms not very long after we moved into a new year, but that just means the sooner we started back, the sooner we get to leave for summer break. When you get down about it, just remember that by the time summer comes around, we can be the ones to tweet and Snap-Chat about being done with class while students from other colleges will still be worrying about finals.

For the new semester and new year, instead of dreading class and complaining about being back on campus already, begin 2016 with a good attitude and hardworking spirit.