The Biggest News From 2015

Opinions Editor

The year 2015 came to a close not too long ago. However, some news in the media will never be forgot- ten. Whether you were shocked to see these headlines or completely expecting it, here are some amazing and not so good news from the entertainment world.

First, let’s focus on the good news from the past year. Oct. 21 was the unofficial celebration of “Back to the Future” Day. It was the date (10/21/15) that Marty McFly travels to in 1989’s “Back to the Future Part II.” English singer Adele stirred emotions in listeners with her single “Hello” from her third album, “25.”Reviews were mixed, but no one could say it did not stir the masses. It sold more than 1 million copies in the U.S. the first two weeks of its release.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” enjoyed the best opening weekend in box office history December. The franchise came back with a strong plot twist and a new owner. It also got recognition at the 2016 Rose Parade, as apart of Disney’s float. “Call me Caitlyn,” the July issue of Vanity Fair magazine held these words and a much trans- formed Bruce Jenner—now, Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner came out officially as transgender over this past summer. Jenner was also the winner of ESPN’s prestigious Arthur Ashe award. There she made a huge impact with her acceptance speech in which she hoped for transgender equality.

John Stamos recieved a lot of social media attention in March with a selfie snapped in front of the home that was used in the opening credits of his former show “Full House.” Later, the ’90s sitcom was announced to reboot in a Netflix series entitled “Fuller House”. It is set to be available in February of 2016. However, Stamos was later arrested for DUI.

Now to the bad news within the past year.

Dozens of women came forward to accuse Bill Cosby, 78, of sexual misconduct over the years. This news not only shocked but horrified many people that had grew up watching him. “The Cosby Show” will never be seen the same way.

In other surprising news, Josh Duggar, the oldest son of the Duggar family, apologized after being outed for using the website Ashley Madison. The site is famous for attracting attached men and women looked for affairs. His family found their fame on the wholesome TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” which showcased them as a perfectly spiritual family. Duggar later quit his position at a conservative Christian lobbying group after it was made public that he had sexually abused five girls. Four of the five girls were his own sisters. TLC suspended airing the family’s reality television show on May 22 and canceled it two months later.

Now, here are the sad but true stories. David Letterman filmed his last episode of “The Late Show” in May. He retired after 33 years and has been replaced with Stephen Colbert. Jon Stewart also left the “The Daily Show” after 16 years. Trevor Noah is the new host.

Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Mr. Spock in the “Star Trek” franchise, died on Feb. 27. He was 83.