Entertainment in Athens: What to do for fun in the Classic City

Athens/ Living Editor

Athens, Ga. is a well-known college town, which means it’s a city that offers many things to do for entertainment. Ranging from bars to museums, Athens is full of things to see and do. 

If one is of age and into the drinking scene, Athens has plenty of bars to choose from. The downtown area is crawling with all kinds of places to find beer and food, all offering a variety of atmospheres. According to thrillist.com, Trappeze Pub has the best bar food, Wonderbar has the best gaming, Copper Creek Brewing Company has the best beer and 9d’s bar has a great atmosphere. 

For those looking for more family-friendly activities, Athens has many museum options. One can find the Georgia Museum of Natural History, the Georgia Museum of Art or the Butts-Mehre Heritage sports museum on the University of Georgia’s, or UGA’s, campus. 

In the sports museum, visitors can find memorabilia for UGA athletes and history. The art museum offers visitors the chance to see 9,000 different works of art as well as a sculpture garden. 

Last but not least, for the history gurus, the history museum has bird, fish, insect, mammal and zoo archaeology collections.  It was named one of the “Top ten fun and free places to take your family” in Georgia Magazine, according to visitathensga.com.

Nature lovers: don’t fret. There are many outside activities that one can find in Athens. Located in the downtown area is the “tree that owns itself.” This tree is not taxed and is protected by the community. 

According to visitathensga.com, it has been featured in Ripley’s “Believe it or not,” and the tree received a lot of attention from newspapers and magazines. 

Other fun outdoor activities include the Bear Hollow Zoo and the Sandy Creek Nature Center. The nature center includes 225 acres of wetlands and woodlands and four miles of hiking trails. The zoo includes small wildlife trails and houses black bears, bobcats, owls and much more. 

These are just a few of the many options for entertainment in Athens. On top of these choices, there are countless restaurants, theater productions, historical sites, sporting events and plenty of shopping options. Those who visit Athens should be sure to take advantage of being located in an active and fun college town.