Top 5 date ideas for winter: Ways to warm up your relationship during the cold season

Living/Athens Editor

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up to a significant other and celebrate the holiday season. 

There are many different date ideas to do with a boyfriend or girlfriend that one can’t, or wouldn’t, normally do in warmer weather. 

When planning a date for the upcoming frosty months, keep these ideas in mind:

1. Ice-skating: This is a great activity to do as a couple or with a group. Ice skating rinks are usually located in or near cities. In Georgia, there is the Ice Forum in Duluth, which is open year round for recreation and sport. Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta offers ice-skating from Nov. 21 to Jan. 10. 

This activity can be tricky for inexperienced people, but when doing it with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be a great bonding experience especially when looking for help after falling on the ice. 

2. Looking at Christmas lights: Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is free and simple yet very entertaining. This is the perfect date because it sets up a quiet and intimate environment for a couple while riding around and looking at the beautiful lights. 

This can be done in a neighborhood or even some in city parks that participate in decorating for the holiday season with light displays. Cornelia Park has a drive through Christmas light exhibit that is free and just down the road. However, if one is looking for something more extravagant, Lake Lanier Islands puts on the Nights of Lights every year. This is also a drive through Christmas lights exhibit. 

The Nights of Lights does, however, cost money. The average cost to go see the lights at Lake Lanier is $17 per person. 

3.“Making a cup of hot chocolate and chill:” This is the holiday version of Netflix and Chill. It’s as simple as making some steamy cups of hot chocolate and sitting by the fire with a boyfriend/girlfriend to watch a holiday movie. 

4. Bake holiday cookies: This may seem somewhat girly, but everyone loves a good holiday cookie. 

The best way to make this fun for both boyfriends and girlfriends is to start from scratch. This way, things will get messy and require more hands-on work from both parties. Include cookie cutters and icing as well to make it even more exciting. Once the cookies are done baking, decorate them. 

5. Play in the snow: If one is lucky enough to be in an area where it snows this winter, have some fun with a significant other by going outside and playing in the snow. This gives the option of sledding, building snowmen, snowball fights and just enjoying the beautiful winter scenery together. 

These ideas are just a few of the many things that couples can do together this winter season. And, for those who are flying solo, these activities are just as fun to do with a group of friends as they are with a significant other. 

Either way, take advantage of what the cold weather has to offer and make some fun plans this winter break.