How does Piedmont give thanks? Students share Thanksgiving traditions

Living/Athens Editor

Sophomore mass communications major, Leslie Pritchett:
“I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays. On Thanksgiving Day, my family and I usually go to my Nana and Pop’s house in Atlanta. My Nana cooks and makes us gain about five pounds, but it’s totally worth it.”

Senior business major, James Torres:
“Typically, my family and I spend Thanksgiving morning prepping our meal while we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then, we watch the dog show that comes on after the parade. And, once the food is ready, we gather around the table and feast on the food that Jesus bestowed upon us.”

Junior biology major, Amanda Blackwell:
“Every year for Thanksgiving, my family and I head down to the lake because it’s always beautiful this time of year. We all sit and watch football, take a ride out on the boat and then go to Cracker Barrel to eat.”

Junior business major, Mary Bess Skinner:
“My family always goes to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. We go around the table before we eat and say what we’re thankful for, and each family member brings the same dish every year. And, after we eat, all of the cousins have a basketball tournament.”

Senior mass communications major, Ethan Amason:
“For Thanksgiving, my family is going to have a seafood feast because we have drifted away from the traditional style of Thanksgiving. Not saying that we don’t appreciate the original, we just like to mix things up. We’ll also watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and begin getting out the Christmas lights.”

Junior nursing major, Gilbert Ibarra: 
“On Thanksgiving, my mom and aunts make tamales and posole for our Hispanic part of Thanksgiving, and then the men in my family take care of making the turkey and green bean casserole, along with peach cobbler. Then, we watch Christmas movies all day long.”

Sophomore nursing major, Anna Grace Heisel:
“It’s a time that our family gathers together to give thanks and fellowship with one another, while we enjoy a good, home cooked meal. We also go around the table and say what we are all thankful for.”

Junior business major, Robbie Werner: 
“I go to my cousin’s house every year for Thanksgiving, and we meet up with my grandparents. We make a lot of food and watch football. We literally have every [type of] food in the universe.”