Being Selfless During the Holidays

Contributing Writer

The one thing everyone looks forward to is the holidays. Is it the family traditions, the food or the atmosphere? In my experience, it is a combination of all three. There are so many different ways people celebrate the holidays, much of which depends on one’s religion and beliefs as well as food and family. 

The two big holidays that are coming up soon are Thanksgiving and Christmas, or variations of the two. In my case, I celebrate things slightly different from what I grew up doing.

As someone who likes for everything outside of my inner self to be at peace, I like doing rather than simply being. I want to be the one who makes a difference in someone’s life rather than getting food and presents that I, personally, do not need to survive. 

The biggest thing I love about the holidays is everyone coming together despite who they are, what they have, what they have done and where they come from. My focus for the holidays, and really any other day, is trying to make someone else happy, whether it be a simple “Hello, how are you today?” A huge project that I was thankful to take on this year is the Adopt a Child for Christmas program hosted by Piedmont College. 

My goal as an individual is to make someone so happy that the recipient’s eyes light up on Christmas Day, like mine did when I was a child getting presents. Being selfless is something I have always been taught to look at as a good thing, and it is something that I will always strive to do. 

So go out and find a way to give this holiday season.