ResLife searching for applicants

Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

Piedmont College Residence Life is taking applications for openings for the spring semester. It is the first time in the past few years that Residence Life has needed to take applications mid-year to fill positions.

There are three openings on the staff—a resident assistant in Mayflower, a resident assistant in Swanson and a community assistant in The Village.

However, the interview process is a bit different than usual.

“We are simplifying it a little bit,” said Director of Residential Education Mark Jestel.

Rather than having applicants submit resumes and go through a variety of interviews, the applicants only need to fill out an application and participate in a group interview.

According to Jestel in an email he sent out to Piedmont students, the minimum requirements to become a resident assistant are a 2.5 GPA, 24 credit hours completed and a good judicial record. To become a community assistant, one must be a graduate student, have a 3.0 GPA and a good judicial record.

As for training the three new staff members, Jestel said the resident directors will train the new members throughout the spring semester, focusing on the more pressing training initially.

“It is a fantastic experience. It’ll bring you out of your shell or [allow you] to really develop a whole new way of looking at things,” said Jestel.

For more information about how to apply, email Jestel at [email protected].