College advice told by professors

By Alena Hanson
Staff Writer

Professors know a thing or two about college. They have also been through college to obtain their varying degrees, so they can share the knowledge with their students. 

Professor of Psychology Cynthia Vance has a doctorate in psychology, and it is safe to say that she has been through many years of undergraduate and graduate school. She has been at Piedmont the second longest time of any professor.

Since registration for the freshmen is vastly approaching on Nov. 9, she was able to give some advice for registering for the first time on your own.

“I guess the advice I would give freshmen on registering for classes is to take a mix of general education requirements and major requirements,” said Vance. “Don’t wait to start taking your major courses. Also, don’t always listen to other students’ advice about what courses you should take.”

Vance also had advice for not only registration but also a few words of wisdom on a student’s college experience.

“I think students will enjoy the college experience a lot more if they get involved,” she said. “Join a club, work on the newspaper, sing in the choir, find out if you’re eligible for an honor society, travel, etc.”

Professors can give personalized advice for majors, specific courses and even life in general. There are times when students do not know which areas to go into or why they shouldn’t stick to the “easy” classes. Other times students need professional guidance or help finding jobs or internships, and that’s when they should utilize the tools that professors can offer. After all, they do have a lot more education and life experience than college students do.