Developer asks SGA for ideas

By Janie Harris
Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

Wondering where the Village shops Piedmont said they were building are? Well, the Village Shops will be constructed soon, but, first, the developer is searching for proper tenants.

“We want to make sure we have the right kind of tenants, [and] the right kind of stores that are going to go in,” said Developer Michael Dahmer.

He brought the topic to the most recent Student Government Association, or SGA, meeting where the group of elected members as well as other students provided their ideas and feedback for his project.

So far, he reported suggestions for a coffee shop, bakery, a doctor’s office and a pizza restaurant. However, he only has eight spaces to fill.

Dahmer said that he is currently in the pre-leasing phase, and construction will not begin until he has a better idea of the specific tenants that will fill the space.

 “It will be open to the public, which will be a big part of the success, too,” said Dahmer.

Dahmer also said that tenants of the Village Shops will be allowed to serve beer and wine. However, it is up to the shop owners to make decisions about student discounts.

The various elected members of SGA expressed their excitement for the possible shops that would open in the Village throughout the meeting.

Still, Dahmer is looking for feedback and ideas of what other types of shops to include in his search for tenants.

“If anyone has got any ideas, I am open to any suggestions you might have,” Dahmer said.

To make a suggestion or give an idea, email SGA Secretary Pearl Oppenheimer at [email protected].