TUITION: Piedmont College is a Bargain

By Mark Tatum
Contributing Writer

Many students may be surprised to find that Piedmont College is one of the more affordable private schools in the state.

            Piedmont’s tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year is 21,990 dollars. While that seems like a lot, it actually compares quite favorably to other institutions. 

            Among those in-state schools are Berry ($31,996), Brenau ($25,878), LaGrange ($27,510) and Oglethorpe ($33,800). U.S. News listed these schools, along with Piedmont, among the top private colleges in Georgia. 

            In addition, a majority of Piedmont’s students are awarded financial aid each year with the help of scholarships, grants and loans.

            This past summer, Piedmont made a number of facility upgrades around campus, most notably with the Student Commons and the Village residential hall. The administration looks to build on the number of undergraduate students enrolled.

            “As long as we’re able to stay within our capacity, the more students we have, the more opportunities we can provide for them,” said David McMillion, Director of Financial Aid. “I think we’re very excited with the number that came in, and we hope to continue to grow each year.”

            In the latest U.S. News review of colleges located in the southern region, Piedmont ranks fifty-third. One of the main factors in these rankings is tuition rates.

Ten years from now, how much do you think college will cost?