Hanging at the Bonfire

Contributing Writer

Piedmont Pride Week’s bonfire event this past Thursday evening turned out to be what I think is one of the most successful events Piedmont College has produced. Complete with s’mores, beach volleyball and various other activities, this event had over 300 people turn up throughout the day. 

It may have been the League of Lions points, or it could have been the diversity of the music. But, whatever the reason, Piedmont students not only showed up: they stayed. There were plenty of activities to partake in that evening. 

My first trip was to the s’mores station where the only price was a dance move. On to the fire I travelled, where it was just warm enough to feel cozy in the brisk autumn air. Despite my fear of sparklers, I grabbed one from the Chemistry Club and had fun drawing with the smoke alongside several other Piedmont students. 

Volleyball called my name for the rest of the night. Though, I could have played corn hole or spike ball. In between the many rounds of volleyball that night, myself and some other players stopped to enjoy line dancing with other students to the Cha Cha slide. 

Overall, this was one of the best events I have been to as a Piedmont student. I think if our school had more events like this, we would have more engaging things to do than chilling and watching Netflix..