Bring on the Fire

Assistant TV Manager
Take anything around you and throw it into a fire. Get a makeshift fireplace and just burn sunglasses, TVs, dolls, anything you can.
That is exactly what “Little Inferno” allows you to do: burn anything you can think
of. “Little Inferno” is an indie game made by the same guys who made “World of Goo”.
Ninety five percent of the game is burning various items in a fireplace. I know it might not sound like a video
game at all, but everything about it will draw you in.
I can’t say too much about the game because you would hurt me if I ruined it for you, but I will try my best to explain.
“Little Inferno” is very simplistic with various catalogs you unlock to get differ-
ent items. You can get kitchen items,
manly items and even video games to burn in your little fireplace.
With over 150 items to buy and burn, the game offers a variety of challenges for you to do.
However, it only gives you small hints to what two or three items need to be burned to give you coins and stamps.
An example is the “movie night” challenge where you burn a television with a box of popcorn teeth.
Funny, weird and neat challenges will keep you in awe from the beginning to the end of the game.
Each item burns in an awe- inspiring way and it not only burns, but it always releases something that will surprise you.
Everything in the game burns in a visually interesting and surprising way. The game does not just end there: as you burn things, you will get various letters.
Theselettershintatastory that will stick with you long after you play the game.
Youhaveafriendthatsends letters to you, but you never actually see her throughout
the entire game. The letters keep you in-
trigued with her and advance the interesting story as you progress.
The game also has a soundtrack that is stunning with anything from forties propaganda music, to epic or- chestral scores.
“Little Inferno” will leave you thinking about things long after you have played to the end.
The end will leave you in places you never thought of, and if you are like me, it will touch an emotional part of you. “Little Inferno” takes a look at why we play video games in an unusual way that will surprise you.
I highly suggest picking this game up for the Wii U, Mac or PC as soon as you can.
It will be well worth your time, and even if you think itisnotforyou,it’sonlyten bucks, so just try it out.
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