Leggings Aren’t Pants, but Consider This

Melissa Rice Leggings

Contributing Writer
If you are anything like me, you have at some point heard a comment made about how leggings are not pants.
In fact, if you read this newspaper often, you may have even seen an article about it. I offer to you, dear reader, a side to this argument you might not have considered be- fore.
Leggings are not pants; but does that make them bad?
Please consider this list of things that are also not pants:
• Dresses • Sandwiches • A pointed stick • Laughter • Shoelaces • Kilts • Encyclopedias • The wetlands • Jackie Chan • Unicorns • Spoons • A spool of thread • Togas • The Soviet Union • A gazelle • Student Government • Mephistopheles • Hilarious insults • Potatoes• Duct tape • Dr. Pleysier • Happiness • Toddlers • Your mother • Twitter • Political traitors • Barrels full of fish oil • Pregnant people • Turbans • Chicken wings
This newspaper is not pants, but you’re still reading
Leggings are not pants. They are leggings.
But they’re cute, they’re comfy, they make your butt look nice, and I’m not going to stop wearing them.
And neither should you.