Creating Experiences

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Opinions Editor
Throughout my college ca- reer here at Piedmont, I have participated in a lot of events.
I’ve done everything from fashion shows to intramurals and it’s always been a blast.
Of course, since this is the busiest semester of my col- lege career I haven’t had the opportunity to go to as many events, but when I had the chance, I loved it.
College is all about experi- encing new things and creat- ing yourself, not finding it.
When you give yourself the chance to experience things that you’ve never done, it gives you the chance to see if there’s a hidden passion that
you haven’t discovered about yourself.
I always hear that you are goingtofindyourselfincol- lege,andIdoagreewiththat to some extent.
However,Ialsothinkthat life is all about molding and creatingyourselfintotheper- son that you want to be.
Lifeissopreciousandso is every single person at this school. We need to explore anddothingsthatwe’venever done before.
Another great thing about attending these events here at Piedmont is that you get to meet people that you may never have the opportunity to interact with.
I have made so many dif- ferent friends and developed so many amazing friendships just by doing things that I would normally never do.
Get out there and experi- ence your school.
I hear so many complaints about how boring Piedmont is and how there’s never any- thing to do.
There is always something to do. CAB and Res Life are always hosting fun events to
help make your experience better, so don’t waste it.
You chose to come here andyouarehere,somakethe mostofit.
Wearenowinaphasein ourlifebetweentheprecipice of being an adult and being akid,sodowhatyoucanto experience and love every mo- mentofit.
I can honestly say that col- legehasbeenawonderfulex- perienceforme.
I won’t look back and say that I wish I did this, I wish I made more friends and I wish that I had made it bet- ter for myself. I have had the best time, made some unfor- gettable memories, learned a lot and made some amazing friends.
Don’t look back and regret all the things you didn’t do, look back and say I had the greatest time and made the absolute most of it.
Start experiencing life and making memories.
You will find the greatest things in the most unexpect- ed places, but you won’t find them unless you go out look- ing for them.