Struggles of a First Year SGA

News Editor
The Jan. 16 SGA meeting brought up visitation and resignations. Only one student was in attendance who was not a member of the council. Several representatives were not present, including vice-president Olivia Swisher.
At the end of last semester, the SGA drafted a proposal for extended visitation hours. They proposed 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. visitation hours during the weekdays and open visitation on the weekends.
The council met with President James Mellichamp on Monday, Jan. 14 to present the proposal.
“It went very well,” said SGA president Courtney Benson.
“Based upon his reactions, he’s going to take it to one of the committees on the board of trustees and other faculty members.”
The council also discussed the Jenkins Java project with Mellichamp. The project was put on hold because, according to Benson, there are still some issues to work out.
Benson also proposed that the council create a “Words of Wisdom” for future SGA members.She also noted that the council should begin preparing for the 2013-2014 elections.
Sophomore theatre major Tyler Dale used the public comment portion of the meeting to address the council about his resignation as Fine Arts representative.
Dale was appointed to the council to represent the theatre, music and art departments by Bill Gabelhausen, theatre department chair.
“I haven’t given my duties the time they deserve, but I have reasons for that,” said Dale.
Dale formally presented his resignation, but before he did, he discussed the reasons behind his resignation.
“I just felt a moral problem with letting you go without trying to fix it for the person who will take my place,” said Dale.
Dale claimed the reason he had missed meetings was due to theatre rehearsals last semester. He went over the requirements for theatre majors, including 30 hours of work in the shop each semester.
“It’s kind of funny that I’m the fine arts representative and I’m being condemned for participating in the fine arts,” said Dale.
Dale presented his ideas for how the council could work better with fine arts representativesinthefuture, including changing meeting times and having one-on-one meetings with those representatives.