The Georgia Film Academy


Founded in 2015, the Georgia Film Academy has seen an average of 2,000 students a year. PHOTO // courtsey of The Georgia Film Academy

Olivia Justus, A&E Editor

There is no doubt that Georgia’s film industry is soaring to new heights everyday. With this, it has started to transform higher education. The Georgia Film Academy is a collaboration of the university system and the technical college system in Georgia. It was created by state leadership to meet education and workforce needs for high demand careers in Georgia’s film industry.

The Georgia Film Academy came to be when Governor Nathan Deal saw that the Georgia film industry was starting to become huge, and he initiated an unprecedented and cooperative effort for all higher education institutes in the state so that they can deliver an industry recognized professional upon receiving the certification. 

The Georgia Film Academy has collaborated with over 20 different universities and technical colleges. It is a great program that allows for students to have hands-on experience on a professional set as well as experiencing industry-standard equipment. With this experience, it allows for students with a film degree to integrate better into Georgia’s film industry. 

Students that are a part of The Georgia Film Academy get tons of experience with real life productions. Many students have directly trained on productions like “Antman,” “Thor,” “Godzilla,” “Spiderman,” “The Originals” and “Ozark.” There have been over 100 different major films and TV productions that they have had a hand in. 

This program is here to help students be better equipped for jobs so that the Georgia film industry will welcome them with open arms. Students are able to gather the skills they need to be successful in the industry. There are many jobs that need to be filled in this industry, Some of these being entry level jobs. With these specific skills and the certification to go along with it, graduated students are more likely to snag the job. 

It is amazing to see that the Georgia film industry is not only helping the economy, but it is providing better education for students. This will be great for the industry to have trustworthy and skilled employees fresh out of college.