Dealing with Stress


Staff Writer 

Stress is a huge part of being a college student. 

A lot of work is involved in being a productive student. 

Grades, test, quizzes, homework, studying, and projects are just a few things that can increase our stress levels.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with all the things that you have to get done that you forget to do simple things like the day of the week, the date, or even to go each lunch or dinner?

All of these things cause a massive amount of stress and this does not even include the stress of your personal life. 

It is very difficult to work through these kinds of things while still being a productive student. 

Here are a few tips that may help minimize your stress levels, or at least get you through a few assignments for the day.

Never think about all the things that you need to get done by a close deadline at once. Take each task one by one. 

Thinking about all your tasks at once causes more stress and makes you waste more time thinking about the tasks rather than getting them done.

Create a daily work schedule and stick to it. 

Put reminders in your phone to work on certain projects at certain times during the day, or buy a big calendar and write your tasks on it. 

This will help you stay on track with competing assignments, and help with remembering the day of the week.

Work out. 

Working out helps to reduce a lot of stress. 

You can do a personal workout or take advantage of the classes that are offered in the gym. 

Kickboxing, Latin dance, and Pilates are some good stress-relieving classes to take. 

Put on your favorite playlist and rock out in your room. 

This allows you to free yourself from stress and let loose for a little while. 

Make sure your doors are locked, though, so you don’t get caught and put on any social network sites.

Alternatively, put on some relaxing music like jazz or nature music and meditate. 

Close your eyes, breathe and allow your imagination to take you somewhere else for a little while.

Hopefully these stress relief methods help you get through the remainder of the semester and the rest of your life.