Working through Adversity


Opinions Editor

 The real world is slowly closing in and the reality of meeting new people and experiencing different personalities has come.

Unfortunately, not everyone in life is going to get along with you or even like you. 

So here’s the thing: get over it. 

Ever since elementary school, I have been forced into working with groups of people that I absolutely did not want to work with. 

However, as you can see, I survived it and came out with more wisdom and experience in dealing with people who aggravate me to no end.

I know that many of us are self proclaimed “peopl e pleasers” and that we have this urge to make everyone like us. 

There is also the other end of the spectrum of those who say that they don’t care about what anyone thinks or says about you. 

That’s great. 

I know you think that there’s not going to be any drama or arguments once you’re out of school, but you’re wrong.

The issues and fights are just different.

I’ve realized that we as the future generation of working people have to overcome adversity and learn to deal with the people that we can’t stand.

I know that sometimes it’s hard, but there will be times where you have to decide whether you want to be successful in whatever type of work you do or if you want to succumb to the annoyance of a splinter in your thumb. 

By accepting the fact that we will be around people that we can’t stand and who can’t stand us, we will be able to be professional and do the work that is set in front of us. 

Don’t make it so obvious that you don’t want to be around someone, because that can be detrimental to the work that you or they are trying to accomplish.

There are times when we can’t change the lot that is given to us, but if we make the most of it, we can ensure that our success is not tainted by petty hatred and jealousy. 

Make sure you stand strong and be the better person, as hard as it may be. 

We can’t always control our fate, but we can control how we deal with it and make the absolute most of it.