Following Your Heart


Opinions Editor 

Follow your heart. As a young girl, I was always told by Disney princesses to follow my heart, and I did.

Sometimes when I did this, it left me hurt or upset, but I always felt good that I had tried and failed instead of not trying and wishing I had. 

I’m beginning to realize that this fairytale thought process may have been hurting me this whole time.

As a young adult, I have grown to realize that sometimes following your heart isn’t enough. 

We rely totally and completely on one part of our body to make a decision for us, when realistically this makes us unbalanced and not make the best decisions for ourselves.

When facing a big decision in your life, you have to look at many different components to make a rational decision.

Of course, your heart plays a big role in what you do. Not your physical heart, but your emotions and feelings about the matter. However, try not to base every day on what you’re feeling, because you might end up doing something you regret.

The second part that you need to think about is your mind. We are such emotional beings that sometimes I think we forget to logically think through things. It’s hard, especially since we are at an age where everything is changing and we face petty college drama daily. 

I know that this is something that I hardly ever take into consideration, but physical health is another part.

When I make decisions, I usually base it on how I’m feeling and how I think about it, and then I think about if it will affect me physically or not. Most of the time, I wait until after I’ve made a decision and realized that it did affect my physical health in a negative way.

We are human. We don’t always do the right thing, and we may not always know what that right thing is, but we can do our best to do what we feel, think and know is best for ourselves. 

One last thing that I know I forget about is the power of prayer. Every time you’re faced with something that’s too big for you, know that you have someone who is infinitely bigger than we are and can handle anything we throw at Him. 

If you think about these four things every day, you may just be able to be happier, and following your heart won’t seem as hard.

Live your life and do what’s best for you, because only you can be the one to make the most of your future.