The Real Parties


Contributing Writer

Remember the time when parties were celebrations that allowed you to spend time with your friends, make new ones and dance to the music? I do, and boy do I miss it. 

Today, parties are not parties if they don’t include any type of alcohol – beer, wine, cocktails, shots, etc. 

What is the point of a party if you get drunk and don’t remember a single thing that happened that night? 

There is no point and it can be very dangerous. 

I moved to Germany when I was eight years old and lived there for ten years. 

I remember the students in lower and middle school all happy and innocent. 

Everyone was friendly to each other, there would be fun sleepovers with pizza and scary movies, and parties where everyone would dance and laugh. 

The thing is, the drinking law in Germany is 16. 

When sweet 16 birthdays came around, everyone changes. 

After a group of friends had their first beer, they think that they are better than the others and start having parties and playing games like who can drink the most shots without passing out. 

I have only been to a house party once, and being the only non-alcohol drinker in the room, it was not fun. 

People were shouting, falling and tripping over their own feet, bottles lay everywhere, and there was nothing to drink but alcohol. 

However, I can’t say that I’ve never tried alcohol before. 

The first time I tried wine, it felt like a ball of fire was going down my throat and it tasted awful. 

This had me lose some of my childhood friends. 

I have heard of people being sent to the hospital and having trouble with the police. 

My friends always tried to persuade me to drink, but I resisted and they would make fun of me. 

I won’t say that alcohol should be illegal. 

If the people in the world had more control on the amount they drink, then friends would stay friends, police records wouldn’t continue to increase, and people like me could have fun at a house party.